How to Create a Business Plan That Works! Article 2 of 3

Article 2 – Business Planning

How to Write a Business Plan that Works!

If you are a new start up business operator then you should have already completed our Feasibility Study available on our website and you have determined that your new business idea is in fact a viable business venture…Congratulations! Now we carry what you have found throughout your Feasibility Study and move that information into a plan that is going to work for you, every day in helping your drive your business forward towards a profitable success.

If you are a current business owner and you feel you may have lost your direction or you are lacking the ability to drive your business forward, then our business plan is going to change all of that and hand you back the reigns to your business! You will take this plan and implement it and immediately notice results easing the pressure on you as a manager and helping you see the light at the end of that tunnel.

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10 Things Investors Look For in a Business Plan

A business plan does so much more than layout the internal structure of an organization. It provides some key insight to the money-men, the venture capitalists, the angel investors, the private investment bankers or even the traditional bankers. Remember that these people see hundreds, thousands of business proposals a month. And they’re all looking for certain things that either make them love your proposal — or send it immediately to the shredder. We’ve worked with nearly 50 investment firms at one point or another for clients for whom we have written business plans, and based on our experiences and the people involved, there are some important factors investors look for the most from the business plan.

1.) How much money is already invested? Do the client or other individuals/companies have a stake in the business?

Sometimes the difference between getting a loan and getting rejected is as simple as that. Imagine you’re coming to an investor with a fabulous business plan and you need, say, $500 million for a resort and real estate project. In your proposal you clearly state that you do not have one single dime invested yourself (yes, we had a business proposal like this once!). Do you honestly believe an investor is going to give you the time of day? Of course not. You haven’t taken any sort of risk — why should the investor?

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5 Points You Can’t Forget on Your Business Plan

If there’s one key determinate of the success of your company it’s your business plan. You need to make sure your business plan contains all of the details that you can conceive of, and that you make sure all of the pieces thoughtfully fit together properly. At the very least your business plan needs to include:

1. Summarize Your Goals for Your Business

You can’t reach a goal if you aren’t building towards it from the beginning. You want to be as specific as possible when you write down your business’ goals. All businesses need a minimum of one single clear goal, but most businesses will have a range of large goals they’re working towards. Before you do anything else you need to figure out what measurable and unambiguous goals you’ll be working towards. This is square one, the first step that all your other plans will rely on.

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